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The current emergency management and disaster response approach is broken! Are you ready to build a strong organization and community to protect what matters most to you?

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Tailored & Customized

To protect the people and places you care about you need an experienced practitioner to bring peace of mind to your organization, serious expertise to customize your disaster response and recovery and help communicating with your stakeholders during a time of grave risk!


Digging Deep

We listen. We learn. And then we help. The bottom line: You will know exactly what your stakeholders REALLY need to move forward.

Getting Creative

We do the research and bring the best solutions to you.  The bottom line: With solutions in hand, you’ll move forward with best practices in mind to build a disaster-resilient community.

Showing the way

We define the way forward so you know what’s next.  The bottom line: Solutions are hard to implement, we provide everything you need to move forward in your organization.

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If you’re ready to build a strong organization and community ready to protect what matters most, Two Lynchpin Road can help.

There are three steps to working with us.

Book Your Call

During the call, you can share where you are, how you got there, and where you want to be, plus your vision for moving forward. We want to hear it and learn how we can support it.

Your Customized Proposal

After the call, we craft a proposal for your immediate needs. We will offer options to help customize our partnership and follow up to help you navigate this proposal through your internal process.

Peace of Mind

Define success for you. We help you determine what success means for preparedness, disaster response, and recovery and use best practices to reach that outcome.


Trusted by Top Companies and Government Agencies

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disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery, disaster response, disaster management, emergency preparedness planning, certified emergency manager
disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery, disaster response, disaster management, emergency preparedness planning, certified emergency manager
disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery, disaster response, disaster management, emergency preparedness planning, certified emergency manager


“Since joining the statewide disaster response preparedness campaign in 2020, Alicia has helped to increase our engagement with community stakeholders and improve our presentation materials. Her immense disaster experience background and use of real-world examples of resiliency at work has been invaluable to our efforts. In addition, their quick turnaround and creativity in approach has helped to make our work efficient and lively.”

Jesse Torres, ArroyoWest LLC, Partner Outsmart Disaster Program

“Alicia has been an incredible partner for our organization as we’ve sought to understand the nuance of the Emergency Management space, and the feasibility of how new business capabilities integrate into that space over time. She has been an amazing advocate for exploring a broad range of needs. Her assessments of opportunities and challenges have been invaluable in helping us understand where we need to strategically be in the future.”

Matt Cohen, Off the Grid

Alicia has really become a trusted partner to our company. Her communication is top-notch; she is proactive about reaching out to team members and closing all communication loops. She has often been able to get things completed before a deadline, both for the client project work we have done together and even in the pre-project phase of collaborating on proposals for new work. Alicia is quite simply a positive human to have on the team.

Tamara (Tammy) Chapman, Owner/Founder, Tamarack MGMT

“Alicia has been very helpful in our project and making it represent our objectives, including maintaining the simplicity and accessibility for our end users of our work. Her work ethic supports our objectives FIRST. Understanding how our project serves our stakeholders in multiple ways and her ability to keep those stakeholders in mind through project development has been critical in the success of our work. Alicia’s efforts will result in CREW’s ability to provide education, outreach and the sharing of best practices, nationally. Alicia is great at maintaining communications, follow up, and delivery. Her ‘get it done’ attitude has helped save time and energy, and kept confusion to a minimum.”

Pascal Schuback, Executive Director, Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)

Alicia Johnson leaning on a coach

Meet the Founder

Alicia Johnson

CEO Two Lynchpin Road

  • 20 years of experience in emergency preparedness, management, and disaster response. 

  • From forest fires to chemical spills to active shooters and data breaches, she’s seen it all.

  • Began her career working in emergency services in Colorado, then Utah, then became the Resilience and Recovery Manager at San Francisco Emergency Management before becoming the Director of Emergency Management at UC Berkeley. 

  • Created SF72, a program that provides real-time information during a special event or emergency. 

  • Past clients include Off the Grid SF, the State of California, State of Oregon, City of San Jose, City of Piedmont, Mendocino County, and Santa Cruz County, among others. 

  • The Obama White House has recognized Alicia’s emergency preparedness work.

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Important Acknowledgment

Two Lynchpin Road recognizes that we are on the ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok, Pomo, and Wappo, who are the original caretakers of the Sonoma County, California area.

We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who have been stewarding and maintaining relationship on this land as knowledge keepers for millennia.

As an organization, we are dedicated to understanding and educating others about historical and ongoing connections between land conservation, disaster impacts, and social inequities. This includes the histories of genocide, forced removal and displacement, and broken promises with Indigenous peoples as a part of American history.

This acknowledgment serves as a gesture of respect to the land we are located on.

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